A communication agency

serving Italian and foreign companies,

public bodies and institutions.

All organizations are born with an objective: economic, institutional, productive, philanthropic, which determines their choices and actions.

From the very beginning, the existence of an organization will be conditioned by a multitude of subjects and stakeholders who can facilitate or hinder the path towards these objectives.

The function of communication is precisely that of fostering dialogue and relations with these audiences, generating value for the company.

The objective of Close to Media is to carry out this task with the utmost attention, competence, professionalism and the right amount of creativity. A cohesive and experienced team of professionals, focused on solving clients’ problems: this is our strength.


News & Press

Wednesday January 19th, 2022
Comunicato stampa
(It) Nuove nomine per Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati
Thursday December 2nd, 2021
Comunicato stampa
(It) Wise Equity si aggiudica per la quinta volta il premio internazionale “Best Italian LBO Fund”
Tuesday November 23rd, 2021
Comunicato stampa
(It) Officine CST con M&F, YARD RE per la soluzione delle crisi d’impresa
Monday November 15th, 2021
Comunicato stampa
(It) Il riposizionamento di brand ideato da Landor &Fitch vince il premio RED DOT AWARDS 2021 per la Corporate Identity

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